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The Series: Top 10 People to Influence My LIFE! ... # 6

Aaron Sistrunk


The BEST Coach/Trainer/Mentor on EARTH!

Some people may think he’s CRAZY, but I think he’s relentless, but in a GOOD way. Aaron has been a great coach/ friend/ mentor over the years and has been there for me throughout my high school career and continues to look out for me in any way that he can now that I’m up at Cornell.

I made the decision to play running back my freshman year of high school. Having previously only played wide receiver this was a stretch but in the end it was one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life. That first day of camp I was introduced to a man that would be instrumental in my development and over time he would instill values that I’ll keep with me for the rest of my life.

Coach Aaron was the strength and conditioning coach, friend, and mentor that most people dreamed of. He’s honest, selfless, motivational, and inspiring. College recruiting was a big phase in my life and with the help from Coach Aaron I entered the process more confident and more prepared then a lot of my peers. To this day you can honestly tell the different strength and conditioning coaches people interacted with in their high school careers. Someone’s transition into college workouts is a great judgment of the types workouts people were exposed to during high school. He gave me an advantage and truly prepared me for the rigorous expectations that come as a part of being a dedicated college football player. He exposed me to a lot of workouts that have yet to be introduced on most college campuses and he was always informative and innovative which kept me interested in the different workouts. I enjoy working out but when he was able to diversify our workouts he made them that much better.

One area coach Aaron helped me tremendously is my Mental Toughness. I believe I have been gifted and always have been secure mentally but after interacting with him hit to my mentality and mindset to a different level. Coach truly showed me how to manage the hardships of being successful and motivated me to take me life and my football career to the next level. In football you’d be surprised to know that over 50% of the GAME is mental and through my workouts ad different experiences with him I am prepared to take on these challenges and embrace the different expectations or hardships.

I have come along way from the Football player I used to be and a lot of it has been due to the help of Coach Aaron. Even though he has had the opportunity to workout great athletes like: Ibro Campbell, Wayne Crawford, Lamar McPherson, Mike Mattei, Julian McFadden and this Baseball Fella Jimmy Rollins … I know deep down in his Heart I’ll always be his FAVORITE … lol

Coach Aaron TRANSFORMED my Career, my Mentality, and my Approach for preparing my body for the sport I LOVE … you gotta love ‘em

Thanks for EVERYTHING so far COACH I couldn’t do it without YOU! Plus, I know no matter what my career path is that you’ll be apart of it …

Thanks for Tuning In …

Later Peoples

Ra Ra # 2 is OUT!

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